How to holiday with no kids, no guilt & no stress

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How to holiday with no kids, no guilt & no stress

The first thing that hits you when you dare think of holidaying without the kids is guilt. Guilt can eat you up and leave you emotionally drained, and unable to enjoy your well-deserved break.

There is no reason whatsoever to feel guilty. Let’s think logically for a second here. You have left your kids in able hands. You need this break, and you definitely deserve some time off!

Here are some tips to help you holiday with no kids, no guilt & no stress

1. Rehearse

If you haven’t ever slept away from your kids, your first holiday is not the ideal time for a first. Plan a two night stay at the grandparents, aunties, friends, or whoever is watching your little ones when you go on that trip. You needn’t be on holiday, on the contrary, think of it as a test whilst you’re just 30 minutes away. Chances are, everything will go smooth, and you will wonder why you worried. Hey, that’s a good thing! Everyone will be much more relaxed when you leave your kids to go on the actual trip, including the grandparents (let’s call them grandparents for easy reference), the kids, and yourself!

2. Prepare for the worst, but expect the best

Pack your children’s hospital book and medical records. Make sure that if they are allergic to any medicine, there is a clear note stating this. Get an official parent’s permission slip filled out. You can get one from Disneyland Ward at Mater Dei hospital, or you can prepare your own. Essentially, this states that in the absence of the parents, the listed authorised persons are allowed to take the child to Mater Dei hospital for the necessary clinical examinations and all the necessary care. Both parents should sign this, and the authorised people need to be listed along with the relation to the parent/s, ID number and mobile number.
Don’t forget to pack any medication in case of fever or other illness, as well as the contact number of the children’s paediatrician.
Once all this is done, forget about it. Say goodbye to that fleeting thought that something could go wrong.

3. Get a wishlist

This one’s a classic. I always ask my kids what they would like us to get for them if we manage to find. Strangely enough, I’ve never had any unreasonable requests – but it’s always good to be prepared!
I take this a little further and a few months before we go, I hold back on buying certain items that can wait, so I can buy them on the trip. This way, I feel a lot less guilty because I am buying stuff for my kids, my kids get lots of presents to open, I actually buy them stuff that they need, and I often get better deals when buying abroad! Talk about WIN – WIN!

4. Plan – not just for yourself

Make exciting plans for your child whilst you are away so they have lots of things to look forward to. Splurge on some fun activities for them to do with the grandparents. Think cinema tickets, football matches, animal parks, activity centres…you get the gist. Let your child know what’s in store and help them get all excited.

5. Stay in touch – but do it wisely

You know your child better than anyone else. Some kids might enjoy a video call, whilst others will cry if they see you on camera. Don’t call in the evening if your child is usually clingy when they’re tired. He or she is bound to put on a sad face and cry a little, which will help no one.
What we usually do is we send a text before calling to check how the little on is before making contact. If she is in an unfavourable mood, we hold on before calling to say hello.

I hope these tips help you go from guilt-ridden, to fun-loving!
Happy holidays mama, you deserve it!

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